Hello and thanks for visiting this information page.  before we get into the history of zaa records and this came about, some important information about what zaa records is.  zaa reords is not a record company as such, as in general term of the word, but an outlet for various forms of music and composition.  zaa records is not a company that releases and output large vinyl or cd duplication of productions and releases, but emphasises upon digital downloads of releases.  all material advertised or promoted through this outlet, and through zaarecords, is copyrighted and owned by zaarecords, no unauthorised usage, duplication, stealing or usage of part of any media is allowed and prohibited.  all rights are reserved at time of release, to zaarecords.  zaarecords does not set contract to other artists and group bands or collaborative ventures.  zaarecords is only an outlet for robertsobolmusic.

Information about zaarecords and its aim - zaarecords was created as an outlet for robert sobol music to work from, the main reason for this, and you might ask, why not, robertsobol, well, many forms of music genre, that cover various styles and different types of music, that would seem strange from one artist alone, creates a problem for many people to understand, not just people in general, but also the industry as a whole, the industry likes to contain and pigeon hole what it is, and who an artist is, and what they do, the industry seems to create a difficulty, when an artist has many forms to work from, or genre.  sometimes a work of orchestral music from a guy that does and is known for electronica, that work then finds itself in a void with no real identity, and is lost, unfortunately the artist is stuck with categorisation and finds it hard to develop and venture into other genres and styles of creative release. as for robert sobol, from soundscape and short episodes or sketch, whether it is orchestral, electronica, film score or music for tv, standard format of the 5 minute vocal song, instrumental avant garde music or collaborations with other artists and different projects, i guess, a more simpler way to put it, 'one size fits all', and zaarecords is a platform that can output and release many forms and styles of music under one roof, from one artist.