hello and welcome, thanks for visiting the nuəm project.  what's it all about? some project information, please read on..

this page was devised solely as an advert for instrument musicians and in the hope of collaboration, and to be involved in sampling media for future projects, with emphasis on media that is currently not dealt with in any great amount throughout mainstream sampling packages, in reference, the nuances of particular instruments, in this respect, woodwind, string and brass instruments, in other terms, special effects of instruments, and performance of instruments, not really found in other libraries, the speciality, the remarks, are very important in musical performance, and it is this that makes a performance and composition, stand out and work on an different level.  this difference is very hard to come by in digital format, and the current trend in mainstream production, in music, film and television scoring, is practically non existent, but a very distinct importance.

some ideas below, and the area of performance.

for more info and to get in touch, please email me through the link,

many thanks for your time and interest in the nuəm project.