ob6 ed.onmax


dave smith instruments ob6 editor and librarian on max/msp

a full editor and librarian for the OB6, made from max, some info about...the ob6 editor is a fully fledged app made with max 8, featuring, all parameter access, store and recall for patches, and  that which far exceeds the physical capabilities of the actual ob6 synth.  designed for touchscreen access and tablet, windows and mac, but also available for desktop operating systems, and mouse functionality.


easy to use store and recall of presets and organising of libraries

the app incorporates clone functionality of the ob6, tweak your synth, the app follows and then store your soundesign patch

OBMax far exceeds the capabilities of the actual instrument, and thus, expands the amount of patches available.

the app also works as a controller for functions, to tweak, save and recall, a two way function, other than the ob6 controls the parameters, it works both ways



available for download, for OB6 and Max8 users.  please note, if you are unfamiliar with max/msp, further subscription is required, this can be obtained from the max8 website and cycling '74 directly.