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projects in the pipeline and past photographic projects, are and will be available from this website.  past photographic projects, whether it is a publication or individual print are all still available, please contact me for further information, regarding specific media, all photographic images are available for print on giclee fine art paper and c-type medium, Canson, Hahnemühle and fuji paperstocks are always available on a print to order basis, just enquire..

a city in black and white

current photographic project, titled, 'a city in black and white, Liverpool, 2019-2021', its a working in progress, a few shots detailed below, will give you a small taster and some idea of what it might entail.  the project started last year and will continue through to next year.  its a story in picture, streetlife, architecture and the history of its buildings, wildlife and landscape, abstract.  the project, on completion, will be available for publication, and on the basis of a print to order.